How to find a good paper cup manufacturer?

lehooy paper cup factory

If you’re looking for high quality paper cup manufacturer,Lehooy provide below informations to help you choose:

1.An experienced paper cup factory will not design graphics near the mouth of the cup while custom printing.

The ink of the paper cup with full color is too heavy, and the paper cup is produced directly for sealing packaging. Solvent ink in the drying process discharge of organic compounds, alcohol wetting liquid in the isopropyl alcohol, gloss coating volatile gas are harmful to human health. In the sealed space, the bottom color of the full version of the paper cup covers the entire cup body. Near the mouth of the cup, when we use the paper cup to drink water, our lips will touch a certain position of the cup mouth, so it is easy to bring the above various chemicals into the body with the liquid and affect the health of the body.

2.High-quality paper cup factory will use high-quality pulp raw materials.

Now there are many manufacturers of paper cups, but few can really do for the sake of customers. The paper raw materials used in some factories are easy to deform because they are very thin, and hot water will burn your hands, so there are great security risks. In addition, some poor quality paper will have a smell, which is harmful to the body.

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3.Choose the design, production, printing one-stop paper cup factory, to save your purchase costs.

Many companies need to print their own logo on paper cups. If the production and printing of paper cups are handed over to different suppliers, it will produce a large amount of unnecessary communication costs.

Lehooy as a paper cup manufacturer, exports paper cups to over 40 countries.

LEHOOY is a professional paper cup factory in China for over 15 years. Our paper cups can be found in any setting imaginable because we work with many chain brands . With a wide range of forms and sizes,these paper cups are great  for coffee, beverages, hot drinks, desserts and more.We have various paper cup accessories to meet your needs ,such as cup lids and cup holders.  Custom design and printing will be available with 1-4 colors.

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