Choose Foodservice Container With Microwave Safe

microwaveable food containers

With the development of take-out economy, takeaway packaging is widely used by foodservice business.As a food service provider, more attention needs to be paid to the consumer’s dining experience at home,such as the consumer needs to reheat through the microwave.Microwave-safe food containers are an important feature.But what kind of disposable food container is perfect for microwave ?Let us answer this question.Let’s analyze the characteristics of different material containers.

1.Plastic Food Container

  • Plastic is thin and malleable. Different plastic materials have different characteristics and will be applied in different scenes.There are many kinds of materials for plastic products, such as PS, PE, PET, PVC, PP and so on.Some are cheap, high strength and not easy to crack, but not high temperature resistant, suitable for mineral water bottles. Some are particularly good ductility, safe ingredients, can be directly in contact with a variety of food, suitable for making plastic wrap.But when it comes to high temperature resistance and microwave heating, one of the most commonly used plastics is polypropylene (PP), which has a material identification code of 5.

2.Paper Food Container

  • Bagasse lunch box, made of plant material, matte texture, no plastic film.
  • In fact, bagasse and other raw materials in the fiber itself is not oil-proof and waterproof, so it is necessary to add waterproof and oil-proof additives in these slurry, so that the final disposable tableware can meet the needs of daily use.The biggest advantage of these tableware is that it is safe and the technology used is closer to paper making technology.
  • Quality of the product, but also can be put into the microwave heating.


  • Cardboard and plastic coated lunch boxes.
  • We commonly see paper cups, instant noodles buckets, brown paper tableware, all belong to this category, the internal film used is the above mentioned plastic.PE film is the most widely used, with the enhancement of environmental awareness, the use of degradable PLA film tableware business is also more and more.
  • But these laminations are not resistant to high temperature, not suitable for microwave heating

3.Corn Starch Food Container

  • This type of tableware is made from cornstarch and PP, but the amount of cornstarch used varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.Some tableware is based on corn starch, plus some plastic ingredients, and some will use biodegradable bio-based plastics, mainly environmental protection.And some tableware, is based on PP plastic, only add a small amount of corn starch, looks like paper tableware, but the essence is still plastic.
  • In general, these disposable Corn Starch Food Container are safe and can be heated in the microwave. It’s just the different plastic composition that determines whether the cornstarch tableware is degradable or not.


Disposable tableware with microwave-safe as far as possible choose containing PP material food container.For the sake of environmental protection,  choose biodegradable cornstarch food container!


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