About The Performance Of The Food Containers

Food packagings have become a staple in the foodservice industry. Disposable food container is widely used, whether it’s plastic food container or paper food packaging, the quality and performance of packaging are the most concerned by users .So, let us learn about how to carry out the performance test of  food containers?

1.Water resistance test.

Put the paper food container on the cardboard, pour boiling 5% NaCl water into the paper food container, add 1 ~ 2 drops of methyl red indicator solution, the height should not be less than 20mm. Pour out the water in the container after 1 hour, observe whether there is any leakage trace on the back and both sides, if there is no leakage trace, it is qualified, otherwise it is not qualified.

2.Heavy-duty test

Put the paper lunch box flat on the table, cover the lunch box, and measure the height of the lunch box with a ruler. Next, place a board on top of the lunch box, and place a 3kg weight in the center of the board. When the weight is removed after 15 seconds, and then use a ruler to measure the height of the lunch box, if the height is not changed, then pass.Otherwise, it fails.

But if you’re bothered, you might be able to test it by eating instant noodles.In fact, leak-proofing and high temperature resistance are the focus of food container testing


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